When Paul Walker was still alive, he spent $9,000 on an unknown couple's ring, and here's the reason why

By rat /

In 2004, Kyle Upham and his fiancée — now wife — Kristen were looking for a diamond ring at one of Santa Barbara’s jewelry stores. There was one more customer in the store, but, being focused on their search, they paid no attention to him at first.

The man advised Kyle and Kristen to take a closer look at more expensive jewelry, but the couple admitted they couldn’t afford it. Then they started talking, and the young people finally realized this friendly customer was Paul Walker himself. Kyle told the actor that he was in the military, and soon he would have to go to Iraq for the second time. But before that, he wanted to present his fiancée with an engagement ring.

Kristen remembers that Paul’s face transformed when he heard Kyle was a soldier. But that day the couple didn’t pay any attention to it, and they left the jewelry store without buying anything: the diamonds turned out to be way too expensive for them.

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