The secret law of human attraction that no one knows about

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The majority of people don’t know what strength they actually possess. We always think that if something amazing or inexplicable happens — in other words, some kind of miracle — it can only be explained as a random occurrence. This just shows that we’re collectively stuck within certain patterns of thinking: in particular the stubborn belief that everything in life is decided by external factors. We cannot accept that we can shape the world in which we live.

Scientific proof of this has been provided by Richard Davidson, a world-renowned neuroscientist from the University of Wisconsin. He conducted an experiment involving the participation of eight Buddhist monks whose brains were studied as they concentrated their thoughts on specific feelings such as compassion, joy, or happiness. The results surpassed all expectations of the scientists.

Brain activity in the left frontal lobe of those who were studied (which is responsible for producing positive emotions) outpaced the activity in the right frontal lobe (responsible for negative emotions) — something that had never been noticed when studying ordinary mental activity.

Based on the results of this research, one important conclusion was reached: it seems likely that the structure of the brain, like the shape of one’s body, can be changed by willpower.

This is what the law of attraction could be said to be based on. To make it work in our favor, we have to better understand how our minds and our bodies interact with each other. To achieve this, we need to do the following according to Dr. Davidson:

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