Insane Things Celebrities Want To Keep Secret

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#1 Alice Cooper Is A Devout Christian

The hard rocker is known as being the master of the dark and all that is unholy, but that's just a character he played on stage. While his songs and concert performances often conjured up imagery of Satan and evil, the rocker was actually a devout Christian who attended church 2-3 times every week. He’s actually spent a lot of time participating in missionary projects as well as hosting the occasional Bible study group. He has never had any interest in preaching the Gospel to people and kept his religion and belief in God to himself. He refers to the singer Alice Cooper as a persona he created to sell records.

#2 Elvis Allegedly Liked Young Girls

Rumors have been floating around for over 50 years about Elvis and some even suspect he faked his own death. However, one thing that is true is that the King of Rock & Roll was attracted to much, much younger women. One of Elvis’s crew members, Lamar Fike stated just that fact during an interview, “He was fascinated with the idea of real young teenage girls. It scared the hell out of all of us.” That shouldn't come as any surprise since he started dating his future wife, Priscilla, when she was just a 14-year-old girl. Times were certainly different back then, and love affairs were often romanticized. But even his managers were afraid that he would get himself into deep trouble as he often enjoyed the company of 11 and 12-year-olds while on tour.

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