4-Year-Old Screams Inside McDonald's Bathroom, Then Mom Looks At The Toilet And Sees Glue

By marine /
This past New Year’s Eve, Nicole brought her four-year-old daughter Kaya to a local McDonald’s in the UK. Little did she know, she was about to experience a mother’s worst nightmare. Kaya asked Nicole if she could use the bathroom by herself “like a big girl,” to which Nicole obliged. Before it was Kaya’s turn, Nicole saw two teenage girls leaving the bathroom. They were laughing and snickering, but Nicole didn’t think much of it. Kaya went to use the toilet. A few minutes later, she ran out into the restaurant, crying and in pain. It was all part of a cruel prank. Before Kaya had entered the bathroom, the two teens poured superglue on the disabled/children’s toilet seat. Since Kaya had been stuck to the toilet seat, the skin was ripped from the back of her legs. Nicole took to Facebook to share her story, which quickly went viral… [H/T: Metro]

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